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Well it was a Saturday around 5 pm and I called 10 different roofing companies and not one of them called me back so I decided to look on f/b and found a-tex roofing so I called them some one answered the phone and said they would be out in 2-3 hours so here they come at 7:30 pm they get on the roof fix the vent and made me and my customer very happy the price was fair and they did in amazing job will definitely use these guys and recommend them to any one els .
Fernando Jessica Favela
A-Tex Roofing has professionals who are real people and also real nice folks. I would recommend A-Tex Roof to any Respectfully, Art Ibarra
Art Ibarra
They explained the process in detail and worked directly with my insurance company.. I would highly recommend their services big or small.
Felicia Avery
Great prompt and professional service from Phillip, Nicholas, and A-Tex.
Xavier Bueno
A-Tex personnel did an excellent job on roof repairs for a split boot and torn shingles.
Joseph Turner
A-Tex Roofing - Thank you for working with us in a very professional and quick service.
Peter Graham
Lujahne was well dressed, has an awesome accent and knows his stuff. Within 30 mins my truss was repaired.
Charles Boarman
They are also great advocates in assuring that you get treated right by your insurance company!
David Robertson
He was very knowledgable and took the time to walk me through the process of a new roof.
Thoma Brooks
Atex roofing is an extremely reliable company. I am very pleased with their integrity and commitment to their customers. Thank you Atex!
Fantastic customer service from Jeff and Jorge.
Charles Neimeier
There was no hassle at all and we are thankful to have worked with them throughout this odd time in life.
Eric Adamson
The staff was friendly and easy to talk too.
Charles N
A-Tex roofing is extremely professional. My new roof and interior repairs were expertly done. Their cleanup of the work areas was thorough.
michelle rogers
Great company and quality workmanship! A-TEX replaced my roof and I couldn't be more satisfied.
Kris VanBlaricum
Great team! Great job on roofing services in San Antonio! Best roofers in the San Antonio!
Ananda Sanson
I would like to thank Nick and everyone at ATEX roofing for doing such a great job on my roof replacement. Looks good. No leaks. Thanks!
Earl Foster
The people at a tex roofing responded to my call with fast and friendly service, and with a reasonable price.
C/10rider Chevrolet
A-Tex Roofing in San Antonio, TX did an excellent job with repairing my roof and replacing my shingles.
Melanie Roberts
Very satisfied with the new roof and the price. My neighbors are also impressed.
Trudy Carver
They really helped me out in a pinch and I appreciate their professionalism.
Ryan Key
ATEX Roofing Company did a fantastic job repairing my roof. You get what you pay for and these guys were the best. Thanks guys!
Andy Walker
Excellent Timing and Well Done Looks Great
Guillermo Montemayor Cortes
The A-Tex team was very professional. The work was scheduled and completed on time. The roof looks amazing.
Barbara Luntzer
Quality roofing materials and workmanship. Showed up on time when they said they would.
M Kess

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