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Thermoplastic olefin, more commonly known as TPO, is a widely used commercial roofing material. It combines some of the best qualities of PVC and EPDM roofs but at a more affordable price.

Read on as A-TEX Roofing and Remodeling, one of the leading commercial roofing contractors in the area discusses what makes TPO roofing an ideal commercial roofing option.

Superior Durability

Manufacturers utilize advanced technology to carefully bind rubber, ethylene, and propylene to produce TPO. Like PVC, this material offers excellent flexibility, allowing it to adapt to your building’s movement and settling. Fused with hot-air weldable seams, this commercial roofing option also boasts of superior strength and durability. In fact, tests reveal that TPO is up to four times stronger than EPDM.

TPO’s unique composition makes it among the commercial roofing systems that can effectively combat algae buildup, dirt deposit, and chemical exposure. It can also withstand high amounts of pressure, making it less likely to sustain punctures, tears and impact damage. With its unparalleled resistance to the elements, you can expect your property to stay well protected for many years.

Excellent Energy Efficiency

TPO roofing matches the heat-resistance quality of EPDM, which is why it’s commonly regarded as a “cool roof.” Its excellent heat-reflective properties allow it to reduce heat gain, stabilizing interior temperature. It also limits the urban heat island effect to maintain indoor air quality.

A Sustainable Choice

Another great reason to choose TPO for your commercial roof replacement is that it’s one of the most sustainable options on the market. It does not release chlorine or other substances that are hazardous to the environment. Being 100% recyclable, manufacturers can incorporate old TPO roofs’ ground-up raw material and use them as the bottom ply of new TPO membranes.

With these great features and benefits, investing in a TPO roofing system is a worthwhile and cost-effective decision for your property. Call us today at (210) 399-1117 to learn more about this option. You may also complete our form to get a FREE inspection. We serve San Antonio, TX, and the surrounding areas.

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