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It’s not easy to tell when your roof needs replacement. It’s a sturdy structure and quite deceptive in showing the warning signs. Fortunately, A-TEX Roofing and Remodeling lists four easy-to-spot signs that you might need new roof installation soon.

4 Signs That Your Roof Needs Replacing Soon

1. Your Roof is Past The 20-year Mark

This isn’t necessarily a “sign”, but the quickest way to tell if your roof needs replacing is if it’s passed its 20-year mark. Asphalt shingles, the most common roofing system, has an average life span of 15 to 25 years. Once it reaches the 20-year mark, any repair work will cost as much as a replacement. In cases like these, it’s more economical to replace your roof than doing continuous repair work.

2. Worn Flashings

Cement flashings are responsible for protecting your roof’s most vulnerable parts from water intrusion, but they ironically are the first to get worn down by elemental damage. As the flashings are integral in ensuring worry-free roof maintenance work, we recommend you replace these with metal flashings. They don’t get worn down as easily as cement and tar and they blend well with any roofing system.

3. Cracked or Warped Shingles

Another sign is the presence of cracked or warped shingles. These occur when the protective granules of the shingles get stripped off completely by rain and solar radiation. This is actually a natural occurrence, but once the shingles are completely stripped of the granules, they will start warping in place, eventually cracking and even falling from the roof.

4. Granules in The Gutters

Finally, if you notice a lot of fine granules in your gutters, consider having our team do an inspection on your roof. Too much granules in the gutters are a sign that the roof’s shingles are close to failing. Think of it as an early warning sign before the shingles actually crack or warp in place.
A-TEX Roofing and Remodeling offers professional roof and gutter installation. Give us a call at (210) 269-7035 for more information on our services. We offer new roof installation throughout San Antonio, TX.


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