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Your roof can be deceptive. It may appear to be in good working order, while secretly harboring issues underneath. The good news is that there are usually signs that your roof has an early-stage leak, and by knowing these signs you can identify and repair the issue before it causes serious damage. Here are four red flags:


4 Signs Your Roof Is Leaking

1. Water Spots on the Ceiling

A slow leak is actually harder to find than a big one, but you can determine which you’re experiencing by checking for water spots or marks on your ceiling. The giveaway yellow water spot on your ceiling means that the leak is nowhere near the stain and has already traveled a fair distance. We recommend immediate roof maintenance for slow leaks, as they can grow in size in just a few weeks.

2. Watermarks on the Exterior Walls

If you notice large watermarks on your exterior walls, the problem is step flashing, not a leak on the roof structure. Damaged step flashing allows water to enter the vulnerable spot where the roof meets the wall. The solution for this is simple—simply replace the worn-out flashing with new flashing.

3. Granules in the Gutters

If you notice a large quantity of granules in the gutters, this means your shingles are damaged beyond repair. When the shingles have been completely stripped of their waterproofing granules, they become brittle and will crack easily. New roof installation is necessary in such cases, especially if there’s already a large spot of cracked shingles on your roof.

4. Cupping Shingles

Poor attic ventilation causes cupped shingles. While it may seem like an aesthetic quirk, lack of ventilation will negatively affect your roof’s health, causing your roof to accumulate too much moisture during warmer seasons and dry out too quickly when it gets colder. Let our team assist you in installing proper ventilation in your attic space. This will keep your roof healthy and also regulate your home’s comfort levels.

A-TEX Roofing and Remodeling offers professional roof maintenance throughout San Antonio, TX. Our complete roofing services will help you bid farewell to moisture damage. Call us today at (210) 269-7035 for more information on our services or to ask about gutter installation cost.

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