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Choosing the right type of roofing system for your commercial property is critical. That’s why property owners need to be as discriminating as possible when making this decision.

The Different Commercial Roofing Options and Their Benefits19 one the top commercial roofing contractors in our area, we make it a point to give our clients the widest array of options possible. Here’s a look at the features and benefits of the leading commercial roofing types:


EPDM (ethylene propylene diene terpolymer) is a commercial roofing option that is renowned for its strength and resilience. With proper installation, it can last 30 years or longer. Throughout that time, you can depend on it for superior weather and UV ray protection.


TPO (thermoplastic olefin) is one of the most viable commercial roofing systems because of its sheer durability. You can count on it to withstand constant exposure to the elements without prematurely succumbing to wear and tear. It also handles temperature fluctuations well, making it a smart choice for areas that experience variable temperatures.


Composed of several layers of bitumen surfaces, and subsequently finished with an aggregate coating, built-up roofing or BUR remains a popular low-slope roofing option. Among its key benefits are excellent waterproofing, exceptional ultraviolet protection and minimal maintenance requirements.


PVC roofing gives commercial property owners an impressive list of advantages. Key among these are its strength, durability and an exceptional resistance to chemicals, moisture, wind and fire.

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