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Not all roofing warranties are created equally. Some cover both labor and materials, while others only provide one or the other. Roofing manufacturers have different guidelines when it comes to their warranties, particularly when it comes to factors that can void the protection.

How to Prevent Your Roofing Warranty From Being Voided

In today’s post, A-TEX Roofing and Remodeling, your leading provider of residential roof replacement services, shares some tips on how you can prevent voiding your roofing warranties.

Think Twice Before Installing a New Roof Over Your Old Roof

While some municipalities allow re-roofing over the old one, many roofing warranties do not permit this and will be voided if you choose to do this. Having multiple shingle layers causes heat to dissipate slowly, shortening the new roof’s service life. It can also cause the new shingles to stick to the old ones, creating bulges. Because of these issues, many roofing manufacturers won’t honor your warranty if you choose to install new shingles over your old roof.

Install Your Roof According to Manufacturer Specifications

Roofing manufacturers often have strict rules and regulations when it comes to the installation of their products. This is to ensure excellent and lasting performance. To make sure the installation is handled properly, always work with a licensed roof contractor like us. As a GAF Master Elite® roofer, we undergo regular training in various installation procedures. With our many years of experience, we guarantee high-quality workmanship.

Ventilate Your Roof

Adequate ventilation is a key ingredient in maintaining your roofing system. A well-maintained roof improves the air circulation in your attic, preventing heat and moisture from being trapped inside. Additionally, the increased temperature may cause your shingles to wear faster. Without proper roof ventilation, your warranty may be voided and you may also be faced with costly repairs.

The best way to avoid having your warranty voided is to work with a trusted roofing company, like A-TEX Roofing and Remodeling. We have the knowledge, experience and skills to provide flawless roofing services, keeping your warranty intact.

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