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The average homeowner will only need to replace their roofing system once or twice in their lifetime, which is why many homeowners aren’t very informed about how the process works. Contrary to popular belief, roof replacement involves more than just tearing off your old shingles and nailing down new ones.

The Right Roofing for Your Home: A Checklist - PART 2: Understanding How Roof Replacement Works: The Roofing Process

A roofing system contains many components, including flashing, vents and seals. These parts all work together to reinforce your roof’s protection against heat, winds, rain, UV rays and other damaging elements. When a roof gets replaced, so do all of these components. Although an expert installation team can work efficiently, some projects might take longer than a few days or weeks to complete.

Let’s take a look at the usual replacement process so you know what to expect:

Step #1: Preparation

Start by covering all furniture, appliances and valuables to keep them protected during the project. Your roofer will also lay tarps to protect your landscape to make sure it doesn’t get damaged by falling shingles or other construction items. If you have patio furniture, potted plants or anything else that could get in the way of the installation team, those will have to be moved as well. Lastly, park your cars in the garage or down the street to give your contractor ample space to move new roofing materials to and from the construction site.

Step #2: Removing Existing Roofing Materials

Before installing your new roof, it’s imperative that all the existing materials be removed all the way down to the deck. If you’re wondering why you’re removing these old materials even if the old shingles are still attached, it’s because the vents, flashing and other components have to be replaced as well as the shingles to ensure your new roof has a solid foundation.

Step #3: Installing New Roofing

With a clean slate, the installation crew is now ready to install your new roof. This requires careful attention and proven expertise to make sure your roofing system performs and contributes to your home’s aesthetic appeal as expected. From nailing down the boards and other components to laying out your new shingles, the expert team should be able to perform the process efficiently and flawlessly.

Step #3: Cleanup

Installation done? Your roofing contractor is now ready to haul away every scrap, nail and shred of material after doing a final check. When the job’s done, there won’t be any sign that an installation crew was just at your home, except for your brand-new roofing system.

There are plenty of roofing materials for you to choose from today. In Part 3 of this blog series, we’ll discuss the top choices, so stay tuned!

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