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Signs You Need a New Roof

Watch for These Signs That Mean You May Need a New Roof

Do you know what to look for when wondering if your roof may be in need of replacement? There are many signs that can alert you to the need for a new roof, from old age to constant repairs on the same spots.

The best way to judge the health of your roof is to schedule a roof inspection by one of A-TEX Roofing & Remodeling’s roofing experts. It would help to know the age of your roof, so have that information handy. Most asphalt shingle roofs last about 20 years, some up to 30 if well maintained. Other types, such as slate or metal, can last longer. We specialize in all commercial and residential roofing types, and it all starts with a free inspection and consultation.

Our roofing contractors are honest and open in their recommendations. If you don’t need a new roof and repairs will suffice, we will tell you that. If the signs are overwhelming that you need a new roof installation, we will work within your budget to get you the roof you need.

Do you need a new roof on your home? Here are some signs to look for:

  • Leaks. This one might be obvious. But where and how a leak shows itself can be tricky. Look for stains on your inside ceilings or walls, or under the eaves in your attic. And if a pool of water suddenly appears in your basement, it might not be groundwater, but a “traveling” leak from your roof!
  • Cracked or curled shingles. Aging shingles will dry out, crack and curl at the edges. If just a few shingles show these signs, they can be replaced. But if the issue is widespread it might be time for a roof replacement.
  • Granules in your gutters. Mineral granules embedded in asphalt or fiberglass shingles can dislodge and be washed down into gutters. This is a sign that the shingles are thinning and may be near the failure point.
  • Damaged, loose, or missing flashing. Flashing is the aluminum or copper metal edging around chimneys, in roof valleys, and along other critical junctures. If your flashing fails, you will almost certainly start to experience leaks.
  • Moss. Older shingles can become a breeding ground for mossy growth, which compromises the structure and integrity of the roof.
  • Hidden hail damage. Even if hailstones do not penetrate the shingles, their impact can cause “bruising” of the underlayment, which can lead to seepage and leaks.

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Think you might need a new roof? A-TEX Roofing & Remodeling specializes in all commercial and residential roofing types, and would be happy to provide you with a free, no-obligation inspection when you call us at 210-777-7663. We are based at 16106 University Oak in San Antonio, TX, open Monday through Friday from 7 a.m. to 7 p.m. and Saturday 9 a.m. to 5 p.m.

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