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One of the most challenging experiences for homeowners is recovering from a storm. Storm damage can leave your home vulnerable to many issues. Fortunately, filing a claim with your insurance can help you enjoy emergency roof repair services for free. Here’s how we can help you with this often-complicated process.

Roofing Insurance Claims Process

Our process is second to none. From the first day of processing, we will be there to help you throughout. First, we will inspect your home to assess and document the damage. Once we record the damage details, we will then help you coordinate with your insurance adjuster. That person will then perform a separate inspection to see if your roof is in need of repair or replacement.

If during the roof insurance claim process, your adjuster does not agree with our assessment, we will gladly vouch for the replacement we believe you deserve. We can also ask for another adjuster to do the inspection. Once they agree with the damages, we will be happy to handle the repair or replacement work.

Roofing Inspection for the Insurance Claims Process

Since we will have already conducted an inspection of your roof, we’ll know exactly what the damage is and how to go about fixing it. For example: if you have suffered from a Texas storm, your home may need storm damage roof repair. As a bonus, we can offer our help via our Total Care Club membership. If you are a member, you also get the service for free.

At A-TEX Roofing and Remodeling, we can help you when dealing with storm damage. We offer comprehensive roof repair and replacement services and carry quality warranties for your convenience and peace of mind. Call us today at (210) 399-1117 to learn more. Our service covers homes in San Antonio, TX.

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