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San Antonio Garage Door Spring Replacement

Top-Rated Garage Door Spring Replacement in San Antonio

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Nothing lasts forever, and garage doors are no exception.  Eventually, the springs in your garage door wear out or break.  This causes them to stop functioning properly, creating a hazardous situation you’ll want to fix as soon as possible.  Replacing garage door springs isn’t a simple task, and it’s likely not one you’ll want to undertake yourself.  When your door springs need replacing, the expert technicians at A-TEX Roofing & Remodeling are here to help.

Are Your Garage Springs Broken?

When a spring on your garage door has broken, it’s usually easy to spot the signs.  Look at the springs but also look for clues on the door.  Common signs of a problem include:

  • A top half that seems crooked
  • A misaligned door or one that’s off its tracks
  • A door that opens just a few inches before slamming down

If you notice any of these things, one or both of your springs may be broken.

Ideally, you’ll notice that your garage door needs maintenance when only one spring needs to be replaced.  It’s always a good idea to seek help when one spring needs repair because if both springs go out, the door will stop functioning correctly and may not open.  Additionally, when you replace one spring, it’s best to replace the other spring as well.  If you install both simultaneously, they will likely break around the same time.  Plus, it isn’t worth your time and money to wait a few days or so until the second one breaks too.

Don’t Be Surprised By a Bad Spring

As the saying goes, when it rains, it pours.  You should also inspect the rest of your garage door components when replacing your garage door springs.  If one part of your garage door has worn out or broken, other parts likely installed at the same time may be on their way out too.

When you need repairs or replacements for your garage door, you can trust A-TEX Roofing & Remodeling.  We help those in the San Antonio, TX, area keep their garages working for years with expert inspections and repairs.  Garage doors are what we do – don’t hesitate to contact us today.


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